Our Board

The YPA Board

The Board of Governance is made up of dedicated individuals who are professional leaders in their field, and who tirelessly volunteer their time to further develop the organisation, it’s staff, and more importantly the young people and community we support. The Board members are committed to their roles and value adds to assisting YPA operational staff in strategic matters relating to Finance, Human & Industrial Relations, Education & Training, Industry and Commerce, Public Relations, Justice, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and Government Partnerships to name but a few strategic platforms that the Board contributes to the organisation.

Current YPA Board of Governance Members  

• Board President - Patricia MacNamara
• Vice President - Ryan Wiggins
• Treasurer - Margaret Bishop
• Secretary - Tullita Miller
• Ordinary Members - Leann Shaw, Venessa McDonald, Christine Rankine

The Board meet once a month to discuss reports, review documents, evaluate processes, and progress new and emerging business of the organisation. Every year the Board convenes an Annual General Meeting, all members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.


11/13 Fourth Ave, Parkside QLD 4825

Mount Isa Youth Shelter

60 Spence st, Mornington QLD 4825

YPA is Funded by the Queensland Government