Youth Housing & Reintegration Service

The Youth Housing and Reintegration Service Funding is to help reduce homelessness through the provision of support, brokerage and accommodation for young people in the Mount Isa community who are:     

• Exiting or transitioning from Child Safety orders; and/or    
• Transitioning from a period of sentence or remand in Youth Detention facilities.    
• “Sleeping Rough”    
• Living in unstable, temporary or inadequate housing.  

YHARS Mount Isa provides case management support and brokerage to young people aged 12-20 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to transition to greater stability and independence. The support will be delivered to young people who are:    

• Without accommodation    
• Living in existing accommodation    
• Residing in youth studios    
• Accommodated in transition to Independent living units

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11/13 Fourth Ave, Parkside QLD 4825

Mount Isa Youth Shelter

60 Spence st, Mornington QLD 4825

YPA is Funded by the Queensland Government